Independent Living Resource Center
Dani Anderson

Executive Director and Board Liaison, ILRC


Board of Directors

The seven members of ILRC’s Board of Director represents California’s diverse disability and ethnic populations. They volunteer their time and work together to govern through oversight, policy and procedure so that ILRC staff can do their best to serve people with disabilities living in the tri-counties region.


The board meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the main Santa Barbara office. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and public comments are invited at the beginning of each meeting. If you require accommodations, please call ILRC the week before the meeting.

(L-R) ILRC Board Members, Ignacio Ponce, Elizabeth Sorgman, Kristin McGuire, Larry Laborde and Kit McMillion celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Elizabeth Sorgman

President, ILRC Board of Directors

Jim Marston

Vice President, ILRC Board of Directors

Current Positions

Affiliate Scientist, Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco

Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Geography and the Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California, Santa Barbara


Previoust Position


Research Scientist, VA Rehab R&D Center of Visual and Neurrocognitve Rehabilitation

VA Medical Center Decatur, GA




Member of the Accessible Transportation and Mobility Committee (ABE60), Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

Former Board Member, Foundation Fighting Blindness-Atlanta Chapter

Former Co-leader and technical advisor, Foundation Fighting Blindness support group

Former Member, City of Santa Barbara Access Advisory Committee

Former Member, UCSB ADA Committee.

Scientific Organizing Committee, Conference and Workshop on Assistive Technologies for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments, Worclaw, Poland

Scientific Organizing Committee, Conference and Workshop on Assistive Technologies for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments, Granada, Spain


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Gordon Guy

Secretary, ILRC Board of Directors

Gordon Guy is currently the Executive Director at Santa Barbara New House. He is a member of the "Fighting Back" Criminal Justice Task Force and served three years as the Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Alano Club of Santa Barbara from 2011 to 2013. He was formerly a founding partner with The Elephant Bar Restaurants and was with the company for 28 years with a total of 40 years in the restaurant industry.

Eric Rowan

Treasurer, ILRC Board of Directors

Danielle Spain

Member, ILRC Board of Directors

Join the board of directors:

ILRC’s Board of Directors is always looking for active, dedicated individuals to serve on our board.  If you have a disability, or related personal experience with disability, and/or want to improve independent living opportunities and civil rights for individuals with disabilities, we would welcome your application! 


We are especially interested in individuals who can represent diverse geographic areas of the tri-counties, as well as ethnic/culture groups, Latino and LGBTQ communities, youth business and other organizations.  Applications from individuals living in Ventura County, North Santa Barbara County or San Luis Obispo will be welcomed.