Independent Living Resource Center
Our Community Partners

Donna Faith AudiologyOur Santa Barbara hearing support office features a state of the art sound isolation booth, cutting edge digital technology, and the most advanced hearing aid products and accessories available. We offer high quality individualized service and products at a competitive price.

United Way of Santa Barbara County - the unique and positive vision that “in our community, everyone has a hopeful future.”  UWSBC has served the local community since its local founding in 1923 and, through our Power of Partnership™
PushyShovels mission is to "grow an abundant amount of quality produce while working together in an empowering environment, where members progress on their path towards recovery". 
Let's Loop Santa Barbara - Hearing Loops are the only assistive listening system to send clear, pure sound directly to hearing aids. They are the international standard for universal hearing access. Our mission is to obtain equal access for individuals with hearing loss by promoting the usage of hearing loop technology.
Assitive Technology Network - is dedicated to expanding the accessibility of tools, resources and technology that will help increase independence, improve personal productivity and enhance the quality of life for all Californians.
The Client Network - The mission of the Client Network is to foster a client-centered approach to Mental Health recovery as a client-driven, culturally sensitive advocacy network. We support clients in becoming full partners in their unique treatment and recovery journeys.

Club Diversity - Santa Barbara's Lounge for all abilities. We want to help brake down Stereo Types through encouraging socialization and recreation to reinforce self-confidence; to mix the able bodied community with the disabled community. In a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all ages.

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Recovery Zone is your one-stop destination for all that is recovery. Peer support strategies that people can use to recovery their mental health and manage daily stresses.