Independent Living Resource Center
What is ILRC to a person with disabilities?

Independent Living Centers are different from other organizations because ILCs have the fundamental and majority involvement of people who have disabilities. Policy decisions and program implementation have the Independent Living philosophy at the base and heart.

People with disabilities share their experiences and empower others by example. They have a deep commitment to helping other people with disabilities achieve the freedom and independence they desire.

The Independent Living Resource Center Inc. (ILRC) serves a tri-county area along the Central Coast of California: Ventura, Santa Barbara, & San Luis Obispo counties. Our office locations and contact numbers are listed on the contact us page. Other ILCs, some with different names, serve other regions of California and the United States.

For information about ILCs in other regions of California or the nation, call your local Information and Referral specialist or visit one of these web sites:, or

Full Participation

The ILRC Prepares people who are newly disabled to cope with their altered lives and identify strategies necessary to re-enter society on their own terms.


The ILRC Encourages persons with disabilities to actively participate in the community at every level.


The ILRC is a Partner in the development of a system of full access that does not discriminate between persons with disabilities and those who are able-bodied.  Inclusion means everyone fully participates.

Eliminate the Barriers

The ILRC Believes that individuals are defined in terms of their abilities rather than their disabilities.


The ILRC Educates the community, with the goal of eliminating physical, communication and attitudinal barriers, whatever they may be.

The ILRC Advocates for and with consumers when discrimination or denial of access poses obstacles to independence, thereby fortifying persons with  disabilities to eliminate the barriers.
Achieve Self-Sufficiency

The ILRC Enables persons with disabilities to take responsibility for and control of their own lives. To make decisions. To reduce their dependence on people around them.


The ILRC Provides persons with disabilities the opportunities to develop the skills necessary to live their own productive lives.

The ILRC Facilitates independent living by making available ongoing support services, thereby empowering persons with disabilities to achieve self-sufficiency.