Discrimination, whether it’s because of disability, gender, sexual orientation or race, etc, is illegal. Some individuals, businesses, agencies or organizations may allow barriers to exist without realizing they are discriminating against a segment of the population. At times it’s necessary to advocate for equal rights by initiating discussion or negotiation with the party that is responsible for the barrier(s).


When your individual rights are denied or abridged because of disability, our staff will work with you, and with the organization or business involved, to identify a solution that provides   access to that entity's goods and services.


ILRC offers advocacy assistance to individuals who experience discrimination in employment or housing or who are denied access to goods, services and facilities that are available to the general public.

Secretary of State - Register to Vote
Voter apathy runs rampant through our society. Only half of the registered voters usually vote; that figure is even lower, just 30% among registered voters who have a disability.

Make your vote count!
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