Independent Living Resource Center
Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

All of our services are provided with the independent living philosophy as their foundation. For a complete description of the philosophy, click here.

As a consumer of ILRC, you have the right to:

Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

  • Be served without verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse or harassment.
  • Be served without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law.
  • Be given a full and complete explanation of all appropriate service options.
  • Be provided services expeditiously, as permitted by ILRC’s current workload
  • View your individual service file record.
  • Appeal any decision ILRC has made on your behalf.
  • Terminate services with ILRC at any time.

As a consumer of ILRC, you also have the responsibility to:

  • Treat ILRC staff with courtesy, dignity and respect .
  • Refrain from any verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse or harassment of ILRC staff.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times.
  • Provide complete and accurate information.
  • Keep ILRC informed of changes to address, phone number, and any other relevant personal information.
  • Schedule and keep appointments, and cancel or reschedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance when conflicts occur.
  • Follow through with all objectives in the ILP unless waived.