Independent Living Resource Center
ILRC Staff Provides...
1. Training in management of a Personal Assistant
2. Applying for benefits to pay a Personal Assistant
3. Mediation and conflict resolution
4. Sample work contracts
5. Written Personal Assistant management information
6. Universal precaution training
7. Orientation information for a Personal Assistant
8. Basic disability awareness information for the Personal Assistant
Housing Assistance and
Personal Assistants
Housing Assistance
Finding accessible, affordable housing is a challenge throughout the tri-county region.  ILRC provides support so consumers can live where they’d like to live, to the fullest extent possible.


ILRC can help consumers…


  • apply for low-income housing or vouchers for government housing

  • look for accessible, affordable housing for rent or sale

  • explore alternative solutions, such as shared living (for example, finding a roommate or becoming a live-in companion in exchange for lower room and board)

  • work out problems that jeopardize existing housing (assist in resolving disputes between tenant and landlords)

  • find referrals for home modifications, such as widening doorways, adding ramps, lowering counters, and remodeling bathrooms with grab bars, roll-in shower, etc.
Personal Assistants (PAs)
Independence does not mean doing everything alone.  People with disabilities can use in-home care providers called Personal Assistants (PAs).  A wide variety of consumer options are available; part and full time workers who come to the home, or live-in care.

When PA services are requested,  ILRC staff does a “needs and preferences’” assessment to determine what the consumer needs in order to manage in-home care.  PAs are  pre-screened and referred for a wide variety of service needs.  ILRC provides sample interview questions and support for the hiring procedure, as well as a sample contract.  The PA is the employee of, and paid by, the individual receiving the services. The PA is not an employee of the Independent Living Resource Center.

ILRC staff recruits, interviews prospective PA applicants and does a preliminary check of their references. Successful applicants are added to the resource pool and referred to consumers.

If you are interested in obtaining the services of a Personal Assistant, please contact your Community Living Advocate.
Personal Assistant Services
The personal assistant is under direction of the person with the disability.  S/he does the tasks that the employer cannot do for him/herself.  Duties that PAs may fulfill include bathing, dressing, bowel and bladder care, feeding, grooming, range of motion assistance, light housekeeping, errands and driving the consumer to appointments. They may also provide reminders/cuing about medication, safety and other responsibilities.

In contrast to some of the for-profit services providing in-home care, Independent Living Philosophy emphasizes consumer control and direction of the services received. The personal assistant is under direction of the person with the disability.  S/he does the tasks that the employer cannot do for him/herself.  It may also be obtained at a lower cost.

If you are interested in becoming a Personal Assistant, please follow the follow the steps below:

1. Fill read and sign the " and return the document with your application.

2. Fill out the appropriate application below. Please choose the County in which you are interested in being employed.